Lee Ormiston - Senior Pastor

Pastor Ormiston "My heart for this ministry, which I’ve had the privilege of serving since its conception 18 years ago, is that believers would live with a passion for Jesus Christ who alone can change our community one life at a time.  Many have found our ministry a safe place while in desperate need of a real encounter with Christ and His redemptive power that offers second (and third and fourth…) chances.  In this setting, Family Baptist offers believers genuine opportunities to serve and grow together.  Ministry here will challenge our hearts but also provoke meaningful spiritual growth and life purpose."
Dr. Lee Ormiston was saved at 27 as a result of the faithful witness of his sister-in-law. At age 40, he left an executive management position to pursue seminary training. He served as Pastor of Evangelism at Fourth Baptist Church while attending Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, MN. When Fourth Baptist Church relocated to Plymouth in 1997, Family Baptist Church was planted to continue a witness in the inner city Minneapolis neighborhood. Dr. Ormiston is the founding pastor and continues to serve as the Senior Pastor at Family Baptist. He received his Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering from North Dakota State University, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Central Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Sacred Ministries from Northland Baptist Bible College. Lee married Pam in 1971 and they are the proud parents of six adult children and a growing number (currently 19) of grandchildren living around the globe.


Pastor Peter DeMaris 

Pastor DeMaris "One of the things that means a lot to us at Family Baptist is 'change.'  Family Baptist Church is a place where people undergo transformation because of their relationship with Jesus Christ.  We rejoice when people move from living defeated by sin to living victoriously by faith in Jesus.  'Normal' Christianity is a life of continual change.  It's expressed in moving from a life controlled by sin to life controlled by the Spirit.  Our faith is based in the person of Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures which reveal Him.  Our mission at Family Baptist Church is to live victoriously for Him and to help others change because of our Lord.  We invite you to come and learn and grow with us."
Pastor Peter DeMaris was saved at the age of 6 at the invitation of his Sunday school teacher, Mrs. June Olson.  He felt the Lord calling him into ministry when he was 30 years old and serving as a deacon at Fourth Baptist Church.  He began training at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He graduated from Central with a Master of Divinity degree in 2004.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry from Crown College in St. Bonifacius, MN.  He was added to the pastoral staff at Family Baptist in 2004.  Pastor Pete was very involved in the planting of Family Baptist Church and served as one of the church's original deacons for 5 years.  He married Susan Sawyer-DeMaris in 1984, and they have four children. 

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